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West Coast Gourd Festival

October 28-29, 2002
Zittel Farms, Oak & Greenback

Being a newcomer to the Gourd Festival, I was unaware of how big this event really was. My only experiences of Zittel Farms was our yearly pumpkin picking right before Halloween. We always knew that Zittel Farms was relatively famous for its dried gourds, but this event is an incredible gathering - anticipated by gourd enthusiasts everywhere.

We arrived at the gourd festival on Saturday morning, and right away we realized that parking was a major issue - the entire strip mall by McDonalds was completely full, and it stretched all the way down Oak Avenue. There was also ample parking at Zittle Farms for $3. When walking to the event, we noticed license plates from Arizona, Nevada, Oregon - people came from pretty far to get here.

Upon arriving, we are greeted by about 50 booths, with all sorts of gourd artists from around the country. They all had dried gourds which were painted, carved, and cut to some incredible creations. Most all of them were amazing pieces, and all of course were on sale. We saw gourds made in to ducks, elephant, airplanes, just about anything you could imagine.

In addition to the artists' creations, there was also a bunch of stuff for anyone inspired to be a future gourd artist themselves. From thousands of dried gourds to paints, dyes, tools for carving, and burning tools, it had it all. It is definitely an interesting exhibit of works and worth checking out.

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