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Apple Hill Map

Placerville, CA

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1. High Hill Ranch
2. Apple Creek Ranch
3. Boa Vista Orchards
4. Apple Land
5. Kids Inc.*
8. Mother Lode Orchards
9. Larsen Apple Barn
10.  Rainbow Orchards
17. Grandpa's Cellar
20. Plubell's Family Orchard
22. Argyres Orchard
23. Mill View Ranch
24. Honey Bear Ranch
26. Lava Cap Winery
29. High Sierra Iris Gardens
30. Barsotti Ranch
32. Boeger Winery
35. Bill's Apples
38. Abel's Apple Acres*
39. Goldbud Farms
41. Coulson Winery
45. Bolster's Hilltop Ranch
49. Marvin Larsen Ranch
84. Harris Tree Farm
88. Robert's Christmas Tree Farm
113. Goodness Orchard
115. Charlie's Choice Christmas Tree Farm
117. Unknown
133. Ench's Smokey Ridge Ranch
134. Granite Hill Vineyards
135. Cairn Canyon Vineyards
140. Unknown
141. Unknown
148. Stepovic's Harvest Lane
152. Jodar Winery
153. Stones Throw Vineyard & Winery
154. Unknown
157. Unknown
161. Fudge Factory
335. Unknown
* Recommendations:

Apple Hill is a great place to spend a fall afternoon when the weather is nice. There are many, many apple orchards, so don't feel inclined to hit all of them (that would take several weekends). In fact, your best bet is to enjoy the drive and pull over when something catches your eye. There are a lot of great places that aren't even on this map, so don't be afraid to venture out, even if you feel as if you are driving off the map. The best time to go is in early November when the leaves are turning. 

If you only have an hour or so to kill, our recommendations are Kid's Inc. and Abel Apple Acres.

  • Kid's Inc. has the best homemade apple desserts on the hill. You'll wait in line for about 20 minutes just to get in, but once you get inside, the smell is intoxicating! Their "Walkin' Pie" is world famous. Don't forget the vanilla ice cream! Also, go downstairs and get some homemade apple cider. Yum! 
  • Abel Apple Acres has a little something for everyone. Buy a frozen pie from the freezer, and grab a quick bite on the deck. The scenery is great, and if you don't mind a few bees that usually join the party, it's an excellent choice to stop for a few minutes.

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